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1. 多洛霍夫*里德尔

Silent Night PWP前篇,文风非常好。Dolohov在德国逃难时遇到了刚出校门、来到德国的里德尔,两人打了一个照面。

"Sprechen sie Russen?" the stranger manages to rasp.

"Nein," Tom says, shaking his head.
"English?" the other man asks hoarsely.
"Yes," Tom says, relieved. His English is, of course, better than anything else, even if he can pass for a native speaker in German. "You're Russian?"


Übermensch 1948年,两人在法国再次相遇。就是我之前推的PWP啦!非常有味道的文。

"Hello again," says Tom Riddle.
It's been three years, and when Antonin Dolohov looks up from his newspaper he doesn't recognize the boy. Not until Riddle smiles, and his eyes shine in that peculiar mad light, and then Antonin remembers it all in a flash.
The snow, the cold, the adrenaline pounding in his veins, and the boy who laughed at him and gave him a gun.

2. 伏地魔*日记本,德拉科*日记本


Dying of the Light

"Who is he?" Draco muttered.
"To the best I can make out," Theodore Nott drawled, "he's the Dark Lord's boy toy."
Tom looked up from his plate of runny eggs and smiled at them. Draco coughed uncomfortably and waved, then elbowed Theo in the ribs. "Who is he, though? I don't know him."
Theo shrugged. "Last time I was here they had him tied down. He was thrashing like mad, kept trying to get away in a panic and all. He's much calmer now, isn't he?"


Tom has little sense of time. His room has no windows, but when they open his door, the door that only opens from the outside, ruddy torchlight spills in and lends color to his dim demesnes. When the door is shut, the only light comes from the marsh gas lamps, an eerie, ectoplasmic green-gray that renders pink as gray, red as black, until he thinks he's gone early to his grave.

3.各种*里德尔主邓布利多*里德尔 AU

But A Sword 作者写的最长的文了吧,四章完结。这篇我犹豫了很久要不要放上来……唔,最后决定还是放。发生在1939年,里德尔二年级……而且这是篇X也就是NC17级文。这篇AD……唔,呃,哎。

"It isn't safe," Albus says, but he's losing conviction. Tom has seen more than he will ever see, he thinks, and he's right, he isn't a child. His lips are bruised and swollen; his breath smells like cigarettes and stale candy, not a childish smell at all.
"I know," Tom says. He glances at Albus, his eyes veiled, and then down at his fingernails, bitten and bloody. In a more calculating boy it might almost be coquettish but Tom is too young for that, Albus is sure. "But here they'll buy."
"Buy what?" Albus asks dumbly, though he has the sickening sensation that he already knows.
"What I'm selling."

Absalom 跟上面同系列但是分级PG,无cp。汤姆找到了曾经帮过他的牧师。这篇我看得很有感觉。

"None of what you did was wrong, Tom," Father Evans assures him, and Tom's laugh is cold and bitter.
"None of what I told you I did," he corrects. "If there's ever something I do to help you, I will. I came to thank you. I did." He stands - no, more unfolds.
If Father Evans says anything more, Tom doesn't hear it. He's walking out of the church, out into the sun. The age of Christ is over, the Fish and the Star and the Cross fading like fog on a bright morning. It's time for something new and Tom has the fiery words on his lips to make it.
Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Ganymede, Cup-Bearer of the Gods. Catamite.
Inside the church, Father Evans cries.
Outside, Tom begins to whistle. 



撒下18:33 王就心里伤恸,上城门楼去哀哭,一面走一面说:“我儿押沙龙啊!我儿,我儿押沙龙啊!我恨不得替你死,押沙龙啊!我儿,我儿!”

4. 里德尔*卢修斯 AU

Scars 跟But A Sword在一个宇宙里。这个世界有点那啥。比如说这里……卢修斯十岁……

"You are so bad," Tom says with a laugh. Lucius grins back at him and tucks the purloined cakes into the drawer of the nightstand. Too rich for little boys, his papa said, but Lucius didn't listen to his papa. He never does.
The only grownup he listens to is Tom, because Tom treats him like a person instead of like a little boy. Even if he is little. 
And it's almost Christmas, and Tom is back from wherever he was, back with a scar across the top of his thigh (Lucius saw it when Tom was in the bath), and now it's going to be a good Christmas. Christmas is always better when Tom is here.
Papa needs Tom's help for things sometimes. Lucius doesn't know what, and his papa always says no no no, Papa just likes having Tom around. When Lucius asks, Tom kisses the tip of his nose and tells him that he can't say, but Lucius is a smart boy to figure it out and one day when he's older Tom will tell him.

Telling Stories 这篇短短的,挺可爱的。两人互相讲故事。



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